Upgrade to 1.5.1 (bug)

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    Thank you for a wonderful theme! I love all the options I have from the admin panel. It looks great and is easy to work with!!

    I just upgraded from 1.4.1 to 1.5.1

    One problem is the footer widget is displaying three columns all the time, regardless of what setting I use in the admin panel. I have tried removing them, replacing them, and reordering them on the widgets page, but it is always 3 columns wide.

    I was hoping you could help me figure out what code or database setting to adjust.

    Thank you so much for your time, and wonderful product!




    You are amazing!!

    I have a few more bugs. I’m not sure how your forum works, just joined, so I am going to post a new thread and mark this one as resolved. I’d also like to help in any way. I am going to offer suggestions to other members on here… however I’m sure you will have more detailed resolutions.

    Thanks again!

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