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    If I update my theme will I lose all customizations made? Like column width, and colors, and other customizations in theme? Someone set them up for me so if I update and will lose everything I will have to start over from scratch. Any suggestions or ideas or help?

    Here’s a link to my website as it looks right now.


    What I’m most concerned about is the NAV bar. Someone set it up for me.



    if the changes are made in the “Graphene Options” then you won’t lose your customizations those are saved on your wordpress database. But if the changes are made directly on your style.css file then those will be replaced by the new file since the site doesn’t seem to use a child-theme.

    what concerns do you have of the nav bar? is it the color?



    The changes we made are in the Custom CSS. Just copied and pasted there in the Display options screen. Yes, the colors for Nav bar. One is blue and the other grey.



    If it was added to the custom css option within the admin panel graphene options, then it will be protected during an update.

    However, it never hurts to copy and paste it to a text file while you update… just in case.

    What you lose during an update is modifications to core theme files… such as the core functions.php file and the core style.css file (the two most commonly edited).

    This is why we are always barking at people to make adjustments from a child theme or the custom css option… so that the changes are preserved during theme updates.

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