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    I’ve got a website that I inherited that has not been backed up in quite some time. Its running GrapheneVersion: when I attempt to update it breaks the site.

    How do I update to the newest version without breaking the site? Are there previous updates I can do and work my way to the most current one?

    The website is http://www.americanschoolofsuccess.com

    Thank you!!



    That’s not too bad isnt that old and many people have held at 1.9 something
    You can do most of bringing it back with settings once youve changed to 2.5
    The new settings (in customiser) are a bit of a jumble and sometimes you have to scroll down through them to find a useful one off the bottom of the page

    If you want the right sidebar widget title background to look the same as you have there, check out



    When I update the whole site crashes. I get a white screen and have to restore from a back up. All plugins and wp are up todate. If I active a different theme it does not crash. Only with graphene update. I figured it was because I jumped updates but if that’s not it why would it crash if updated?


    Syahir Hakim


    Most often issues like this happen due to incompatible WordPress or PHP version. Make sure you’ve updated WordPress to the latest version, and check that the server is running at least PHP 5.6.

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