Updated to 1.7 – Now Social Media Icons and Slider are not displaying correctly

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    I just upgraded to 1.7 and after looking through the support on the Social MEdia Icons, I cleared my cache and now the layout on the slider and the media icons is all messed up. Any ideas?





    If you use a child-theme for your Graphene modifications, the .php files in your graphene-child folder must cause these problems (especially the footer.php)

    I suggest you to move all .php files from your child theme folder to your local PC, clear your cache again and check if it is OK.

    If OK, you should create the necessary .php files again using the core files of Graphene 1.7. Or, to avoid such inconveniences in the future, you can use Action Hooks to modify your theme.



    Thanks for the recommendation, but this is not it. I tried deactivating all my plugins – no luck. I also switched to the graphene theme instead of my child theme and still, the issue persisted.



    Okay, I found the issue and will post it here. This is really a problem with my hosting provider. When they moved my “development” area under the main URL, they somehow managed to copy the wp-content. Now the wp-admin looks for the plugins in themes in one place, and the “root” directory looks in another place. So, any plugin or theme update that gets done through admin console is really only partially applied.

    Ugh! Wish me luck in getting the hosting company to understand how to clean this up!!



    Wow, it seems like a tricky one… Good luck! 🙂

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