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    Hey, the update to ver. 2.0.2 (and subsequent update to 2.0.4) have changed the look quite a bit. I managed to “fix” some of the changes, but one still eludes me… the “Home” button on the page is now gone. I have my site set up with posts on the home page, and it used to show up on the top row, along with the other page buttons, but the update removed it. How can I get this back?

    My site URL: http://flagleremcomm.org/




    Additional issue with recent update.
    I am using the slider and it appears to be duplicating my posts

    I am using a single category to display a scrolling set of posts, it doesn’t appear to matter if i have at top or bottom, the post displays twice, once where expected and then once immediately below overflowing into the footer area.



    With regards to my post above, a friend of mine figured out how to get the Home page button back on the top, so I’m good.



    How did you fix it? I am having the same problem with the home button.




    I had to create a custom menu, and then created a “Home” option that pointed back to the site. I also had to add the other pages to the menu, then set Display Location to “Header Menu”.



    Thank you! I will try that.



    @rspires, a possible fix for the posts in the slider (I’m using the slider to display full posts):

    I discovered (and reported as a bug) that in wp- content/themes/graphene/inc/slider php it has an error in line 65:
    <h3 class="slider-post-title"><?php the_content(); ?></h3>
    Should read:
    <h3 class="slider-post-title"><?php the_title(); ?></h3>

    This was duplicating the slide’s post content and not displaying the slide’s title.

    If you want something different from title/content. let me know, I’ll see what I can come up with for you.


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