Updated graphene last night and it broke a couple of things

  • zulubanshee


    I updated Graphene list night and now

    1. Some of the stylings I specified in the Custom Styles editorn are not working; the custom stylings are still there, but they are not taking effect, if fact they seem to have reverted to the way I had them a week ago or so, which was not the default, so probably my last settings were lost.

    2. The Email field on all my forms is moving over to the right for some reason. I use Contact Form 7. Here is what it looks like.



    Can we have the URL of your site?



    I had the same problem on my CF7, the email field seems to move. What I did to fix this was specify a class for each, the styled the width in custom CSS. Also create a DIV ID inside the form to contain it within the widget. You’ll have to use firebug to correct the input boxes.

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