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    I update three blogs today to the new WordPress and the 1.9 Graphene theme. I cannot go to text option on pages to add any HTML code I can only edit in Visual. This happened on all three blogs. Any suggestions.

    I have re-installed WordPress 3.5.2 and it did not help. I tried to re-install Graphene but it won’t because the files are already there.


    Kenneth John Odle


    This did not come up in testing, and I have not noticed it in any of my sites, so it is probably something in your installation. Try disabling plugins first to see if that resolves the issue.



    Thank you, for some reason I am not having the same issue today. I did some maintenance on my computer with C-Cleaner and the issue seems to be gone. Thank you for your time and I am sorry to have bothered you.



    Kenneth John Odle


    It may have been a caching issue then. I’ll have to remember suggesting clearing out the caches after an update.

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