Sidebar now at bottom of page – ruins homepage!

  • akc1207


    After updating the theme to 1.7 the home page is very messed up. The sidebar is at the bottom of the page, format of the posts are wrong, and the most recent posts aren’t even showing. What would have caused this??

    After doing much more research, I’m now thinking it wasn’t necessarily the update to but could have something to do with posts I modified. I remember seeing things having to do with <div>’s in posts and I changed many of them earlier today for other non-related reasons. I have seen other people with issues involving that so I’m thinking it could be that now.

    I have tried running site validation, but have no idea where to even start with the results.

    The site is: by the way.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Is it something you did on a single post? You can always find out by editing that post and setting its status to “draft” and then navigating back to the home page. If the problem goes away, the issue is with that post.

    Sometimes, people enter an opening <div> in a widget, and forget to include a closing </div> tag. That can cause issues with the footer dropping to the bottom of the page.



    I did try that, with all the “problem” post I though it could have been. Set them all to draft, and moved all to trash, but it didn’t seem to help.

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