Update plus deleted spam content = missing home widget info?

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    Hello, I am a novice. I created a web site for my church two years ago and have been plugging along with basic updates. We found out that google had tagged our site as hacked. This novice went in and found several clearly foreign items, and I started deleting. Problem was I wasn’t 100% sure about some files. I also made sure to update wordpress and Graphene. I know I deleted some content for my slider header which I need to fix, but my widget content on the sidebar of the front page is now missing. However when I go into the Widget section, I still see everything. Any simple fix to make this content resurface? I’m assuming it had something to do with an update, but wanted to give a full background in case I had affected anything with my deleting.

    Thanks for your expertise.



    Kenneth John Odle



    1) Dragging those widgets back to the “Inactive Widgets” area, refreshing your front page (should stay the same).

    2) Dragging those widgets from “Inactive Widgets” area back to the widget area, and refreshing your front page.



    Thanks for trying. It didn’t work in this situation. If I drag them into the graphene top widget area they show up. Any other thoughts?

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