Update 1.6 problem

  • metalroo


    Hi there,

    If i update to version 1.6 everything shifts to the right somehow, graphics, the date i made with css etc.

    Besides that, excerpts are full width on the front page with the widgets on the right overlapping the text.

    I exported the settings before updating, imported them after updating but that didn’t change anything.

    I am not using any hooks, i am using a childtheme though.

    If i need to reinstall 1.6 to show you what i mean, just let me know.




    Yeah i already did that before updating, but being the “code noob” i am, i still have no idea where to start looking haha.

    Ah well, 1.5.6 still works fine so, gonna stick to that for now then.



    I updated to 1.6 but then doesnt apear the widget zones, only meta, articles.. What i have to do?


    Syahir Hakim


    Read the post that I linked to above, especially the section on “What to watch out for”. You’ll notice that the positioning of the widget areas have been changed to provide a more consistent placement across the different column modes.



    I cant understand you, i align the column to right, but doesnt appear the widgets, im blocked 🙁 help me please XD



    My blog is http://www.frusps.com if you can watch it and give some advice please!


    Syahir Hakim


    Just move your widgets to the other sidebar.

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    I move it to right, check on “actions hooks” but even that work well, by the way, do you have spanish support? Im doing a really hard work writing on English! lol! Thanks for help and for excellent theme 😉



    Finally i made it! Thank you so much for help 😀 Now the head bar doestn look like before, the color changed and the bar of the pages looks different :/

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