Update 1.2 child theme sidebar and column not working

  • Elodie



    I am updating to the 1.2 graphene theme – and have gone through and updated my child theme accordingly. However, I am having a problem with the sidebar.

    I want a single column for the content with the sidebar on the left side. However, when I select a single column, the sidebar disappears entirely. Then, when I select two columns – the smaller being on the left side, the sidebar appears but then there are two columns in the content area instead of one.

    Any ideas? My site is http://www.ultimatehealthtrends.com. Your assistance on this asap would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks in advance,




    I think I’ve gotten a lot of it figured out now, actually. My widths were all freaking out – but I’m getting them under control.

    So, never mind. =)

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