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    I operate a closed (private) wordpress site using the Graphene theme and have a slight problem with bullets (of the “list” variety). I’ve searched the forum to see if the question’s been answered before but not found anything – so apologies if I’ve simply overlooked it.

    The problem occurs when I use certain widgets on pages, or plugins with shortcodes that output content to a page. It looks like there may be lists used in the plugin to output certain elements, and this in turn outputs a Graphene-style bullet to the page.

    Unfortunately, it being a private site I can’t link to the page in question, but I have taken a screen shot (below).

    The plugin I’m using on this page is the “My Calendar” plugin which utilizes a shortcode to output the calendar to a page on the front-end. You can see three bullets in the image, one above each button to go back or forward by one month, and another next to a category at the bottom.

    I’ve hopelessly tried bunging in a .post-ID clause in the child stylesheet to overwrite the list style for that one page but nothing happened.

    Anyone got any ideas? Any help appreciated.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Use Firebug to figure out which class MyCalendar is wrapping its output in. Then add something like this to custom CSS:

    .customcalendarclass ul li {
    list-style-image: url(none)

    You may have to play around with that a bit (which is why you need Firebug). Also, see this:


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