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    Does anyone know how to show a user what topics and replies have appeared since they last logged in? There is an old and unsupported plugin: BP Unread Posts

    as well as a WP plugin that fails to activate, presumably because of some conflict with BBPress: WP Unread Comments

    Is there anyway to make this functionality available to Graphene/BBpress users?



    p.s. If this really belongs to the requests forum, can a mod move it?



    Hi Martin,

    It’s okay… the thread is fine here.

    I’m pretty unfamiliar with the Graphene/BBpress… so let’s wait and get a few more voices in here.



    Thanks Josh;

    Any help will be greatly appreciated!

    The Buddypress plugin is old and unsupported. The author of the WP plugin has no interest in making it BBpress compatible. I don’t know enough to do this myself, though I am willing to learn from a patient teacher.




    Any chance of anyone with some knowledge having a look? The plugins are here:




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