Unlinking Carousel from Posts + Removing Comments

  • notruthie



    Loving the theme!

    Is there away to unlink the carousel from posts, and instead replace with static images linking to pages, rather than posts?

    Also, can I remove the comments area from the bottom of each page?



    Kenneth John Odle


    Franz Josef Options >> General Options >> Slider Options

    For “What do you want to show in the slider” select ” Show specific posts/pages”

    In the box labeled “Posts and/or pages to display” enter the ID’s of those pages.

    Edit each page, selecting the image you want to display in the slider as the featured image.


    Syahir Hakim

    Also, can I remove the comments area from the bottom of each page?

    We had this feature built into the theme previously (just like in Graphene), but WordPress Theme Review Team judged that it is a plugin-territory feature, so we had to remove it. Fret not! We’re packaging all the plugin-territory features into a separate, well, plugin that we’ll make available for download soon.



    Actually in WP 4.3 (planned release is in August 2015) comments for pages will be disabled by default :).




    Thanks for all the tips everyone!

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