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  • Ana-V


    Thanks Tee_888! I just tried it and it doesn’t seem to be working 🙁



    Remove the previous CSS, and try this.

    .post {
    box-shadow: 0 1px 5px 0 #323232;



    Perfect!! Thanks again Tee 🙂



    @ Ana,

    Thanks for the kind words.

    I tried to enter the code in the Graphene Options for Adsense but it didn’t work (I think it’s because the ads are from a different affiliate program).

    This is very interesting. I’ve never tried to insert anything other than adsense code there, so I’m not sure. What happens when you enable the option and type in “HELLO” where you usually insert your code? Do you get “HELLO” displayed anywhere between your posts?

    EDIT: I don’t think it’s an action hook which displays this particular area. Instead, I think it is generated once the option is checked in the admin panel. I’m not sure of a way to “hook” into this area. So, try the idea above and let me know what happens.



    Hi, Josh

    When I type “hello” the word appears between the posts. But when I instert my code, all I get is an empty space. The code starts with <IFRAME SRC .. maybe it’s not compatible with something?



    Ok, it took some more trial and error, but the action hook area I was looking for was “graphene loop footer”. Just sharing in case someone was looking for the same thing. Thanks for your help Josh! 🙂



    My pleasure. Glad you got it working.

    So, the “graphene loop footer” hook will show the content in those three places we were talking about?



    Exaclty! You can see how it looks on my blog. And the whole thing looks just like I wanted it to, without having to uninstall the update, thanks to you! 🙂



    Wow Ana… Impressive!! I like you 🙂

    I’m going to work on a help file which will graphically show where each action hook will display it’s associated content. I’ve only experimented with a few of them. You’re right.. a lot of it is trial and error. I think a help file showing where each hook is located on the front-end would be most useful.



    Great idea! That would be really useful!

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