Unable to see text when creating new post/page

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    My site is anzballaz.com.

    When I create a new page or post, I cannot see the text and cannot switch between Visual/HTML tabs.

    Is there a setting or something that would effect this? It’s only taken effect since the most recent update. To see the text I have written I need to highlight, so it’s like the text has been set to white instead of black.

    NB: Once I publish, it publishes fine but when editing/creating I can’t see what I’m doing.



    I have found that installing the AJAX Chat plugin has caused it somehow. Once I remove the plugin, it goes back to normal.



    Hmmm… I’m not familiar with the plugin. Perhaps Syahir or Ken can be of more help. Is the plugin compatible with your version of wordpress?


    Syahir Hakim


    The plugin works just fine for me. Is this the plugin you’re referring to?: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/ajaxchat/



    The plugin works fine, but when it’s installed, I can’t see the text when editing pages or posts.


    Syahir Hakim


    Yep, I meant that I can still see the text when editing pages or posts. Does it happen if you switch to the TwentyTen or TwentyEleven theme?



    Haven’t tried but happy to continue without using it

    I can’t seem to create a new topic here, so I’ll ask in this thread.

    I use this plugin http://www.marijnrongen.com/wordpress-plugins/social-sharing-toolkit/ social sharing toolkit.

    When I use to use the tweet button from it, it would automatically shorten links but now it does not. So if I have a post that has an exceptionally long URL, it restricts the amount of characters I have available in my tweet.

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