Unable to resize commentform textarea to keep it from spilling into next column.

  • Mr North Jersey


    1st off let me say I have only been experimenting with Graphene for about a week but I am really liking all the opportunities this theme allows for one to be creative.

    OK so here is the rundown. I installed the Graphene theme and through this very good site for information I was able to successfully install the Graphene child theme and I have been able to learn how to resize the header with the custom css and I believe I’ve been able to successfully implement an action hook in the header. None of which I could of never done if not for all the great help this site provides.

    Here is where I am stuck.

    In a post my nested comments bleed into the column to it’s right. I used firebug and I believe the css code to resize the comment form text area is as follows,

    .three-columns #commentform textarea {
    width: 512px;

    Yet when I change the width to say 390px nothing happens. Do I need to also add some php code to the child functions.php?

    I appreciate any help on this Thanks in advance.

    Here is the site as is since it’s still under construction.


    Mr North Jersey



    So after some digging I’ve been able to resize the comment form and the text area with the following css code in the child stylesheet.

    #commentform {
    width: 400px !important;
    .three-columns #commentform textarea {
    height:200px !important;
    width:390px !important;

    I still would appreciate some advice on if this was the best method.


    Syahir Hakim


    Try adding !important to the width property, like so:

    .three-columns #commentform textarea {
    width: 390px !important;

    Mr North Jersey


    Thanks for the fast reply. I feel better now with you confirming using !important was the way to go.

    Your site has a great wealth of information thanks for all the help you provide.

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