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    I am new to WordPress and have worked with the theme for awhile — I really appreciate the effort you have made. So far I have been able to work my way through questions with the help of the forum and online searches for the Graphene Theme. This one has me completely stumped.

    I have sidebar widgets which appear on my main site and my blog site. This weekend I am unable to access the widgets for either site. When I go into the dashboard and go to widgets, I cannot access anything. I click on the grey pull-down triangle on the right side of the widget box, and nothing happens, including the ones for the front page. All the headers for the widgets are gone in the dashboard, although the number of boxes are still there and the widgets appear on the site. I’m also unable to drag and drop any of the available widgets — it’s as though the whole widget page has been deactivated.

    I haven’t added any new plug-ins for either site prior to this problem, though of course there have been updates.

    Any suggestions or known conflicts?

    My sites are:

    Main site: http://www.jimduke-guideforgaymen.com

    Blog site: http://www.guideforgaymen.com

    Appreciate your efforts and assistance.




    As far as I see everything is OK. Did you update WP to 3.5? Sounds like some WP problem, anyway it’s hard to help without looking into dashboard itself. Did you try to enable debugging in wp-config.php. It will display errors if there is any, or try with some other browser. I think that this is not theme issue.



    I appreciate the response, thank you.

    You are correct that both of these sites were updated to WP 3.5. I checked another site that I have (http://www.G4GM.com) which is running on WP 3.4.2. I have no widgets activated on that site (it’s just a one-page “portal” site to the other two), but found everything is as it should be functioning on the widget page in the dashboard.

    I am using Mozilla and tried accessing the widgets in Internet Explorer, but the problem remained.

    I did a search on “WordPress 3.5 widget problems” and found I’m not the only one experiencing it. I am using a plug-in called Widget Logic which allows me to set up different sidebars for each page, rather than one sidebar that repeats on every page. The recommendation was to turn it off, and when I did, I was able to access the widget area in the dashboard. The new problem is that without the plug-in, all my sidebars now appear on every page in one long stream! I turned the Widget Logic plug-in back on to clean up the mess for the time being — will contact the developer for assistance to resolve that part of the problem.

    Thought I would post this in case anyone else ran into the problem. Again, thanks for the help, glad I could narrow it down.



    I’m glad that you find out the source of problem.

    Please mark topic as solved because this is obviously not the theme issue 🙂

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