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    Thanks again for your “test-drive” of my plugin.

    Update: I decided to create a separate plugin which does NOT include the Google Fonts. I noticed it was causing a pretty extreme lag when calling 291 import url’s.

    Anyways, I made another plugin which is exactly the same.. but without the fonts. This one loads like lightning.

    So, one thing I added were some animated moods smilies. I’m really proud of this one 🙂

    Check my page here:

    I have 54 smilies so far… and working on many more.

    Here is a link to the plugin page:


    You will have a new button in the visual editor, which will open a popup box, allowing you to choose and insert over 50 animated smilies!!

    Feedback is appreciated.

    – Josh



    Yup! Using your ultimate tinyMCE plugin (without Google fonts).. And updated to new version just now. But I think colour picker issue is still there.



    Thanks Prasanna. Yeah, see the faqs on that plugin. It appears to be only a Mozilla Firefox bug.

    What browser are you using when you notice the colorpicker bug? Also, do the “named” and “palatte” features work correctly during color selection?



    Yes I use FF.. Having this issue only with colorpicker. “named” and “palatte” options are working fine in firefox.. Checked the colorpicker in Chromium browser, and didn’t notice any problem yet.

    And about FAQ section in WP repository, where is the 4th step in “How do I use the Anchors button”?? Ha.. Haa.. 🙂



    I know, right?!

    I used a basic HTML ordered list when creating the text document used by wordpress to display that page. For some reason, it doesn’t like the number “4”. I should probably redo that so people don’t think they are missing a step 🙂

    I’ve also put in a support ticket to TinyMCE to see if they have a fix for the colorpicker in FF. We will see how long that one goes unanswered.

    I did see a REALLY cool new colorpicker on another website… VISTA style. It had nice rounded bubbles and was very pleasant on the eyes. I may see if I can implement this into the TinyMCE.

    Thanks for the feedback!

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