Two Column Layout change on my news page – to one!

  • gbismarc


    My second column on my news page is inline with the rest of the contents of the post! Plus I’m missing the number of post display in my slider on the home page!

    I’m not sure when this change took affect?



    Is there anyone that can assist me on these issues that I’m having? My new page is the post page I just recently upgraded Version 1.8.2 after the noticing the change to the post page thinking that it could correct this problem to no avail! I did add some videos to the static front page or home page. Is it possible to convert back to a earlier version?


    Syahir Hakim


    The first post on that page contains an unclosed <div>. Find it and close it.



    I can’t seem to find it the missing </div>…on page in using firebug or the text editor! In addition, if I change the number of slider images to display, I still get a missing image! I even looked at home page! home page I can’t find it! I will try to copy the page or pull up the page in Dreamweaver to see if I can ID the missing </div>! However, so far every div seem to match! If you know a easier way to find it please let me know…Thanks…greatly appreciated!



    There is WAY too much code there for us to go through it line by line and find the issue. You have two options…

    1. Disable each widget one by one.. going back to check the font end… to see which one has the faulty code. Once you remove the “bad” one… the layout should restore.

    2. Take the code from each widget and copy it into a code editor like Dreamweaver… which will tell you if there is a syntax error. Dreamweaver will highlight the faulty line in red. (Which you have apparently already tried).

    So, use the first method.. and first locate the faulty widget. Then, use Dreamweaver to inspect it closely.

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