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    Hi. This is more a question rather than a support request and may not necessarily be Graphene-specific. I was just wondering if anyone here has set up Twitter cards on their blog?

    I was hoping for something that when a post is published that it sends a tweet with a link and a featured image. At the moment I just use feedburner which automatically sends out URLs via Twitter but there is no picture(s) attached. And nobody clicks on text-only tweets anymore, they need pictures to click ahead!

    I read various sites that say Twitter cards is easy… then it isn’t… then there are widgets which are easy… but they aren’t or the reviews say they don’t work… then there is all this complicated code to do… So then I forget about the idea for a couple of weeks and then tackle it again.

    Interested to know if anyone else here has done Twitter cards and is there a somewhat simple way to do them? Or is this something that might make a cool future feature for Graphene Theme?



    Syahir Hakim


    There should be a number of plugins that provide this functionality. Here are a couple that I could find after a quick search:



    thanks, I had seen those. I might give one of them a try

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