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    I’ve just put a website together for my son’s new rock band, and two questions arise;

    1) on the home page each band member has an image at the bottom that links to their own page, where I have used the ‘Image Widget’ plugin. As you will see the image for Matt is larger than the others.Any idea why (I’m not too bothered as he’s my son!) as ideally I would like them to be all the same size. Also I had to code the Graphene options as needing 6 footer widgets to get the 5 in – do you know why?! If I coded 5, one would go down to the next line.

    2) On page, as I am using fairly small thumbnail images the white border around each is disproportionate. Do you know the code to remove this, or reduce it in width? As you can probably see I am using the NextGen plugin.

    Thanks as ever for assistance provided.

    Cheers, Chris



    Hey, so proud of myself as I seem to have answered point number 2!

    I inserted the following in to Custom CSS to make the border/padding narrower. If you want it removed just have 0px instead of 1px. That said in view of my inexperience if anyone has comments about this not being correct or having an affect elsewhere, then please feel free to voice!

    .ngg-gallery-thumbnail img {

    padding: 1px;


    Any thoughts on point number 1?

    Have a good day everyone.




    It is full width because it is the last item. If you remove Matt’s image, then Gen’s image will become 200px wide.

    Use this to decrease Matt’s image width to 160px.

    #widget_sp_image-6 img {
    width: 160px;

    BTW, blue links on dark Grey background is not easy for eyes..



    Thanks Prasanna – helpful as ever!

    Have inserted this code but it has squished Matt’s image, rather than using an extract like the others. I’ve left it in this state so you can see what I mean. Would it be easier to re-size the images within the image widget to 160px width each, do you think?

    Point taken on blue links. Is there an accepted market standard for link colours on dark backgrounds?




    Prasanna, I have now re-sized the images so that they fit, and are more balanced.

    In addition I have taken the link colour from the calendar options, as these are easier on the eye, and also provide consistancy.

    Thanks for your time.


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