trying to modify TAG , Need help with Functions PHP

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    I am trying to style the <!–nextpage–> Tag, I found this website with instructions

    Tag instructions

    So all I have done is copy the CSS into the child theme, and copy and pasted the entire functions code into my functions php. YET when I go to a page and put <!-nextpage–> , It looks exactly the same, like nothing happened? Am I missing something?


    Kenneth John Odle


    That is a cool tutorial, but I don’t see what it has to do with <!--nextpage--> That doesn’t appear anywhere on the page.

    What do you mean that you are trying to style it?



    Yes I am trying to get this to work on my site, when I say “style it” I mean trying to get my page numbers on a split page to look like the tutorials page numbers after the steps. So from my understanding after I read everything on the tutorial. I have done only the following ( don’t know if I am missing something)

    1. Copy and pasted the functions code into my functions php.

    2. Copy and pasted the custom Css in to my child theme.

    , now how do I get this to work is my problem? I though It replaces the <!--nextpage--> tag, so when I do use the next page tag shouldn’t this new styled page numbers appear instead? because I get the same <!--nextpage--> styled page numbers with nothing knew as of right now…Am I missing something like some other codes I have to put in, an other stop, or is it another tag instead of the <!--nextpage--> that I need to put in HTML view on a page that I want split?

    Thank you so much for helping me, am just a little confused about this tutorial.


    Kenneth John Odle

    I mean trying to get my page numbers on a split page to look like the tutorials page numbers after the steps.

    That tutorial has nothing to do with split pages. What it does is replace the standard WordPress “previous” and “next” links that appear on each blog page.

    If you already have a split page plugin and you want to style its numbers as in the tutorial, you will need to substitute the elements in the tutorial’s css for the actual elements that are being outputted on your blog.



    you said “replace the standard WordPress “previous” and “next” links that appear on each blog page. ” … I cant see these anywhere? Where would I look for these netx and previous links on my graphene theme? I added the functions and the CSS and cant see the effect?

    And I though it was styling the page number style that comes custom with every word press when someone adds <!--nextpage--> to a blog post or page ??

    because when I add <!--nextpage--> It shows page numbers on the bottom in a really unattractive style



    Is this supposed to replace the “older posts” and newer posts” words that appear in my blog archive or in a blog category once the page goes over 10 posts and shows these “older post” and newer posts” tags as these styled numbers?

    If it is then what am I doing wrong because under one of the pages I have more then 10 posts and yet I still see the words “older posts” and newer posts” and not these styled numbers?



    With all due respect, I think you are confused with the functionality here.

    The <!--nextpage--> command exists inside the content editor. This will break a SINGLE post/page into multiple pages… with the “ugly” styling you mention above. This is basic WP behavior.. and I can’t recall coming across a plugin which allows stying of the page numbers.

    The link you gave above in the example is describing WP pagination. Pagination is used when you have a WP query that returns multiple posts/pages. You can alter the number returned (say five on your home page). So if you have 100 posts/pages… you will have 20 ‘paginated’ numbers.

    Do you see the difference?



    yes I do see the difference now thank you, I was confused. Does the tutorial I provided change the older post or newer posts links when I go over 10 posts on a blog page to the styled numbers it showed?

    and it says I need to add this kriesi_pagination(); to my default index page. I added this to my main index php… I still don’t see anything happen anywhere?

    I am trying to get the numbers displayed on



    ok so I went with page navi plugin and page navi styles plugin… does anyone know of how to style the page numbers for –!nextpage– tags? or how to make those page numbers the same as the wp-page navi plugin ?


    Kenneth John Odle


    Use Firebug, identify the elements whose style you like, figure out what those styles are, identify the elements whose style you want to change, add those styles to those elements in child theme stylesheet.

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