Trying to get rid of post on my homepage

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    @ anzballaz

    As far as the slider, I too had the same trouble adjusting the height of the slider box on the front page. Go into your themes files, and edit the ” style.css ” file. Look for the css element ” .featured_slider #slider_root { “.

    You may enter a new height for the slider here, and it will adjust on your front page. I believe the default height is “240px”. I changed mine to “200px”.

    Hope this helps!!


    Syahir Hakim


    Gah..this is caused by a bug that managed to slip through for version 1.5 release. See my post here:



    A much better solution Syahir. Thank you for giving us prompt support!



    ahhh awesome, thanks heaps for your help guys!



    @ anzballaz

    I love what you did with your slider!! Very very nice!!

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