Troubles with validation – Graphene 1.7

  • ezequielpigna


    Dear Khairul, i really appreciate your theme for wordpress. I’ using it but as I work in IT need to be validated in W3C, majorly i don’t see many troubles, but with the include for twitter i found many mistakes. I correct them, so i will upload thee corrected file.

    Meanwhile i still trying to correct the last 4 errors.

    I’m trying to find where you define the target=”_blank” to change it for javascript since xhtml strict doesn’t support it.

    And the other errors was in the call to the twitter module whith the parameters:





    Kenneth John Odle


    What kind of validation errors are you getting?

    You did set the validator for CSS3, right? See this post for more info:



    As you can see mi errors was in the HTML validator. I doesn’t start with the CSS yet…

    I will remark this at my original post.


    Well i can’t edit the original, so, there is the error:

    Line 245, Column 105: there is no attribute “data-show-count”

    …witter-follow-button” data-show-count=”false” data-width=”100%” data-align=”ri…

    It repeats 3 times for each one of the attributes.



    Syahir Hakim


    With the advent of HTML5 and CSS3, it’s really not realistic anymore for the codes to be fully validated by the W3C validator. I wouldn’t worry too much about those errors you see from the validator. They are valid codes – the custom attributes for the Twitter widget are actually from the Twitter API – just that the validator don’t recognise them.



    Ok, appreciate your times of response!

    I hope you appreciate the mod i made the theme-widgets.php


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