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    I installed the Graphene template about 2 days ago. I am now having trouble with login and have requested for a new password like 6 times in the last 2 hours. Some times I am able to log in for about 10 minutes and while I am editing, the login window pops up and when I login with my new password, its apparently wrong yet I just changed it and it worked.

    Could my new template be one of the reasons I am facing this problem?

    Looking forward to some assistance on this one.



    Syahir Hakim


    Nothing that I know of about the theme could be causing what you’re describing, which is itself weird. I have never came across WordPress popping up a login window. Even if you’re logged out, you can still edit all the way until you actually click Update or Publish.



    Thanks Syahir,

    It’s indeed strange. I went to the forum too and found some one had posted the exact problem about an hour ago!!

    It just happens that while working on something in the dash board, you are requested to login (again) and once you login two things can happen:

    1. Either getting an error message saying password or username is incorrect

    2. or the username and password just disappear after page finishes to load and you are left with the blank fields of login and password.

    What surprises me even more, I got some support from hostgatar and they were able to access my dashboard but i couldnt!!



    Hello Syahir,

    I have tried to Google the problem, I and I saw people mention blog “maintenance mode” after trying to upgrade a plug in. Could that be my problem? After reading that, I remember now I got the problem after trying to add a Facebook “like” widget. Could it be the reason why I’ve been shut out of the dashboard and can’t access my blog through wp-admin?



    It’s entirely possible.

    Have you tried disabling the plugin and see if your problem persists?



    I would love to disable the plugin but my challenge is that I can’t log into my dashboard to do that.



    Haha.. Sorry to laugh, but that’s funny the way you phrased it.

    Okay, no problem. Just use your favorite FTP program (or you can use your hosting providers CPanel) to access your website file directory.

    Navigate to wp-content/plugins

    Look for your plugin folder name, and either change it’s name, or remove it entirely.

    Once the problematic plugin folder has been renamed or removed, you should then be able to log back into your admin panel.




    Thanks Josh. I am just learning that I have to learn using my CPanel as well. I am new to self hosted WordPress blogging.

    Let me try your suggestion and see what happens.

    Thanks again, 🙂

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