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    i would like to know if it is possible to change the background drop down menu ( in Portfolio: [url=http://][/url]) to semi transparent either towards black transp. or grey transp.? Also i would like to have the items in the menus not separate by lines.

    I also have a problem with the actual drop down menu , when you pass the mouse over the items in the menu , it looks like the item is cover horizontally by a strip o solid color cutting the name of the gallery in half, I have tried playing with padding but could figure out how to fix the problem.

    Thank you!



    Graphene theme uses sprite.png images for various graphic display all over the theme. Now, you can modify this sprite images (sprite_h.png is for menu) in some graphic editor (PS, Gimp, Corel…), or you can upload additional transparent .png image (with custom transparent) made in graphic editor. My advice is to use “Firebug” to find css clases you need to modify.

    Some links about sprites:



    For current, li:hover issue you need to put this in you’re child theme style.css:

    #header-menu ul li:hover, #header-menu ul li.current-menu-item, #header-menu ul li.current-menu-ancestor {
    bacground-position:left -1056px;

    I know that this solution isn’t neat but will do…

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