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    Hey guys,

    I noticed the new ‘Top Posts & Pages’ in the graphene widgets. I am currently using it, but I was wondering.. with regards to the Home page, because I am using a ‘static’ home page with the child theme.. is that the reason why no image will show next to the ‘Home’ link in the Top Posts & Pages widget and instead is showing the WordPress logo?

    Is it possible for me to use my own website’s logo to replace the WordPress logo somehow? if not, is there a way to cut out the ‘pages’ visited (Home page, About page etc) and just have ‘posts visited’ showing for that widget using css?

    In short, I just want the theme to pick up the top posts being visited, just not the pages. I think it works better for my site to exclude the ‘pages’ in this widget.




    Kenneth John Odle

    I noticed the new ‘Top Posts & Pages’ in the graphene widgets.

    I have not. Is this a plugin you have installed? Which version of WP are you running?



    Hi Kenneth,

    I have version 3.4.2 for wp and the latest Graphene theme. When I read that you had not seen it, I became a little worried about where this came from lol and started to look around my plugins and jetpack connected to my account to see if maybe it came from somewhere else but I didn’t find anything.

    I am using 10 plugins (contact form, google xml, image widget, jetpack by wordpress, video sidebar, wordpress seo, wp ban, adsense setup, wp navi and wp maintenance) – I didn’t install this as a plugin, but I just came across it in my widgets earlier this morning and started using it



    That widget is part of Jetpack.



    oh thanks rongangelo! i couldn’t find where it stemmed from, but i will re-check which jetpack feature it is linked to and see if i can change how it is listed on my site. cheers!!

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