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    Could someone please tell me how I can do away with my “categories” showing up on the top navigation? I don’t really want anything on top except the header…Am new at this and can’t find the answer to this anywhere. Thanks! Kelli



    Moved to support. Post in the correct section next time.


    Syahir Hakim


    @kroig1018, please take some time to read the forum rules:

    We’ll be able to better help you if you follow the guidelines mentioned there.



    @kroig1018: Please explain your desired result and post a link to the site where you have problems. Sometimes universal remedies will not work everywhere. So, we could suggest you a better solution if you add a link to your site while asking questions.

    To hide the entire top navigation bar (Header Menu) from your site, add this to your child theme style.css or in Graphene Options –> Display –> Custom CSS

    #header-menu-wrap {
    display: none;

    If you want to hide just the categories from menu, you can use custom menus and add whatever you want in menu.



    Well, thank you for your rude answer and admonishment to read forum rules and post in correct space..

    However, the code you supplied did NOT work.

    please check




    Kelli, no need to throw the word “rude” around. What you must understand is we deal with many sites each day, and every site is unique. By giving us as much information as possible, it helps us to understand the path you have taken. You know your site better than any of us… and providing helpful, pertinent information will help us help you.

    This would be like me coming to you (an RN) and telling you my head hurts… make it stop. Wouldn’t you need more information than that to make a proper diagnosis??

    1. The answers were not rude. Please look back at the responses and you will notice both gentlemen used the word “please”.

    2. More information = More precise help

    3. We ALL volunteer here. Be respectful of that please.

    As far as your solution… I think what you want to do is create a custom menu. Go to your admin panel -> appearance -> menus. Here, you can create a custom menu to display in your top navigation.

    This will allow you to add any pages, posts, categories, tags, etc. Or, alternatively, just leave it blank if you don’t want anything to show.

    Remember to apply your new custom menu to the top navigation area, by selecting it in the top right area of the custom menu screen.


    Syahir Hakim

    #secondary-menu-wrap {
    display: none;

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