• alifeofcraigslist


    First let me sat thanks for the great theme.

    Second, i just wanted to change the color of the top-bar to black (from gray) and I cant find a color

    attribute in the css. Just an image path… Is this possible??

    Also can I just remove the top-bar, rss and search?? and just move header to the top??

    Thanks again,




    oh man I just figured out that making the top-bar black was in the header dislpay options…sorry i missed that one.

    but what if I want to still eliminate the top-bar completely? Can I do that??



    Syahir Hakim


    Sure you can. Use this code in your child theme’s style.css:




    How do I change the background and hover color of the top bar menu items to an arbitrary color of my choosing?




    You have to edit the .png file. I believe it’s sprite_h.png.

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