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  • Saill


    I’m relatively new to the whole wordpress theme modification(and web development world in general).

    I love the theme, it works great and I just wanted to say thanks for all your hard work.

    I am wondering if there is a software suite you use for modifying the theme as a whole. Say something analogous to a IDE that one would use for lower level software projects. If there is a tool that is used, are the project files for Graphene out there, such that I can just load up the file and modify it directly.

    I’m working on modifying some colors of the theme. I understand how the sprite images work, and how to create a child theme that allows me to change them. I’ve just been surprised at how clunky the process is. (It’s probably my inexperience) What I ended up doing was just creating new bar images, and replacing the “sprite repeating” with my bars in a child theme. However, I’d like to modify the colors properly and create new sprite images.

    Is there a tool that doesn’t involve me working with a 1 pixel wide image? Or do you just create the larger image then manually cut out a 1 pixel wide sprite?

    Thanks for the help, and thanks again for the theme.




    Sorry, this probably should have been in support.


    Syahir Hakim



    I use Adobe Dreamweaver to code the theme. You could use other alternative and free open source editor, such as the Bluefish Editor. It has the syntax-highlighting feature for the codes, which is always useful.

    If you wanna test the theme on your own computer without having to upload it to the server everytime, you could install a server on your computer. The WampServer is a good, free example of such servers with minimal configuration required.

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