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    Hello together,

    the mail text title of the Theme (bif white text with link to home page on the top left site) is in H2.

    This is quite bad for the Search Engine Optimization of each site, that uses your theme. That means always, that the first H2 in the site is always the title of the whole website.

    Rule should be:

    H1: only one on site -> Title of the Blog-Post/Site

    H2: Following H2 titles of each paragraphs, that are always defined by the user himself.

    The first H2 on the site is now the WEbiste Title.

    Same for H3 and so on.


    Syahir Hakim


    The frontpage has the site title in H1. The individual posts and pages have the post title as H1, and the site title in H2. This is the semantically-correct use of H1 headings, which should always point to the most important heading in a page.



    This is completly right. The only thing is that I have checked my website with an seo tool. Everything was allright. The only thing that I have discovered is that on every site the first listed h2 was schachow ( http://www.schachow.de ). This is the small text logo of the site in the top left corner.

    Is it maybe a solution to use a piscure for this logo? Then maybe the first h2 would be the one in the text.

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