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    Hi, I have next and previous post on my separate post pages at the bottom of the page but not the title of these posts. Can I change it so they add the titles instead?

    Also I added code to my child page.php in order to add next and previous to my pages because this wasn’t there and this appears at the end of the page where I want but also on the static front page where I didn’t want it. Can I remove this from the front page? And make the title of the pages appear at the bottom of the pages instead of previous and next?

    Many thanks in advance for considering this request.



    Sorry and this was the code I added to the child page.php file:

    <div class="navigation">
    <?php if (!empty($prevID)) { ?>
    <div class="alignleft">
    title="<?php echo get_the_title($prevID); ?>">Previous</a>
    <?php }
    if (!empty($nextID)) { ?>
    <div class="alignright">
    title="<?php echo get_the_title($nextID); ?>">Next</a>
    <?php } ?>
    </div><!-- .navigation -->

    Kenneth John Odle


    Put code in between backtick (


    ) characters. It’s usually located above the Tab key on your keyboard. I have fixed this for you.

    Can I change it so they add the titles instead?

    Link to site? Link to a page where this child theme page is applied?



    Hi Kenneth

    Thanks for doing that for me.

    The website is http://www.principalegg.com

    I’d be very grateful if you could have a look.


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