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    I’ve tried that, but don’t want to change it’s title. I want to change the permalink’s display. Hmmm.. Maybe I’ll try some conditional formatting here as well… Found this in the_loop.php:

    <?php /* Post title */
    $tag = (is_singular() && !is_front_page()) ? 'h1' : 'h2';
    echo '<'.$tag.' class="post-title entry-title">';
    <a href="<?php the_permalink() ?>" rel="bookmark" title="<?php printf(esc_attr__('Permalink to %s', 'graphene'), the_title_attribute('echo=0')); ?>"><?php if (get_the_title() == '') {_e('(No title)','graphene');} else {the_title();} ?></a>
    <?php do_action('graphene_post_title'); ?>
    <?php echo '</'.$tag.'>'; ?>

    With my very limited PHP-skills I fugured out I should look for the {the_title}, which I can’t seem to locate. Does anyone know where to find it?



    Hmmm… Do you want to hide the page title? If so, it’s deadly simple. Just add this to your stylesheet or Custom CSS

    #post-9 h2 {

    where #post-9 is the page id of the Bio page. It just hides the title of the Bio page. (I’m assuming that you want “Bio” title on title bar, nav bar and sec nav bar. But not to show up above the page)



    I wanted to change the title, but not in the menu.. Forgot to mention that I found the solution in the admins page options. HA! Dead simple, true. Renamed the page Bio and in the Appearance->Menu I renamed the Navigation Label back into Band. That did the job! Sometimes i think in a difficult way, where things can be so damn easy… lol I tackled both issues today. There’s just one more thing… something with conditional formating… It rules, but my PHP is too limited…

    thanks again for the help…



    LOL.. This happens when we think every modifications should be done by hard coding.. Yeah! I’m the one who thinks like that (okay, most of the times..) 🙂

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