Title and Content not wrapping in slider

  • keighdesign


    As you can see, the title and text in the slider is not wrapping inside the slider.


    Any help appreciated.




    Have you messed with your style.css file? It seems you are missing the classes associated with the slider.

    Actually, the more I look, the more weird stuff I see going on in your homepage. You have three instances of the slider, but only one is showing.

    Have you manipulated core files?


    Kenneth John Odle


    You have changed all the .container and .grid measurements in the theme’s style sheet from px to %.

    Specifically, you have changed line 150 from this:

    .container_16 .grid_11 {
    width: 640px;

    to this:

    .container_16 .grid_11 {
    width: 64%;

    You need to either undo all those changes, or to upload a fresh copy of the theme’s style sheet.

    You shouldn’t be making changes to the site’s width via the style sheet, anyway; you should do this via Graphene’s custom width feature.

    Also, you should not edit theme files, but make changes via a child theme.



    OK – removed all changes to css file. That fixed the slider. The reason I changed to % was I want to use Graphene, but I also want it to be fluid width. Is there anyway to make Graphene work in % instead of pixels?

    You can mark the slider issue solved. Thank you.


    Kenneth John Odle


    I also want it to be fluid width. Is there anyway to make Graphene work in % instead of pixels?

    Graphene wasn’t really designed to be fluid width. I suppose you could go back to your original changes (in a child theme, though), but you will have to forgo certain features, such as the slider, or replace it with a slider designed to fit into a fluid width theme (if there is such a thing–which I doubt because that would be difficult, but not impossible, to style).

    If you do come up with a fluid width version, be sure to test it on lots of different browsers. I have rarely seen a fluid width site that doesn’t have issues here and there at some resolutions–largely because certain blocks (such as sidebars) start to overlap on narrower monitors, or that blocks of text become so wide that they are difficult to read, which is a real disincentive to stick around and read it. You might want to read through the comments here: http://css-tricks.com/the-perfect-fluid-width-layout/ which are quite informative.

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