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    coupple of questions, sorry for the sob story but here it goes:

    I created a website using wordpress but I’m very new at this. I want to promote it in my facebook page but when I attach the link there is no image. Is there a way to create a thumbnail for the website and each page? I tried setting the featured image for the homepage but when I did that the image appeared as a thumbnail for every child page on every parent page. That kinda bummed me out cause some of those child pages already had featured images and it messed up the look of the parent page. I then tried to change it back but the image remains even after removing it from the featured image on the home page and deleting the file from the media library. I’m not sure if I added it somewhere else and thats why it’s still shows, I keep looking for somewhere to delete it but can’t find it. Can anyone help a girl out with this????? HELP!!!

    You can see the mess I made here;)

    Ocean Defender


    Oh yeah, how could I forget, this theme rocks!!!! it took me a while to settle on one theme but this one had all that I was looking for…. thank you for all you do, pretty genius.





    Great site and project You are working on 🙂

    Hmm.. Maybe a Oceandefender “Logo” Gravatar:



    Syahir Hakim


    For the issue of parent’s featured image appearing as the child page’s featured image, see this post:

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