Thumbnail showing up in Posts list even with no Featured Image set

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    A few posts down on this page: you will see one called “Drying Rack” (linking to this post: ). You will see that it has a thumbnail next to the text. However, when I edit the post, there is no Featured Image set. I have even selected a new featured image and then again chosen “Remove featured image”. There are no images included directly in the post (I am using a Google Albums plugin). My question is where is that image on the post list (what I’ll call the “featured image”) coming from, and how do I remove it?





    That is the first image uploaded to that post,

    Add this to Custom CSS to hide it.

    .category .post-1183 img {
    display: none;



    So once you upload an image to a post, even if you remove it it will always act as the featured image? Is that ever desired behavior? There are currently no images in that post directly, so why would an old image be displayed? It seems awkward to have to add css to remove something that was added and then removed through the GUI, no?

    Thanks for your help,




    Edit Post –> Add Media –> Media Library –> Uploaded to this post (dropdown). Select image and Delete Permanently.



    Got it – thanks Prasanna!

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