Thumbnail is missing in slider and post category but not in post itself

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    For some reason I published a post yesterday and whatever I try I can’t get a thumbnail with the post in the category page and in het slider.

    For all other post the thumbnail is automatically selected an shown, but for just this post I can’t get it working. I can get the a thumbnail with the post in the category page by selecting the picture manually as a featured image but then it still won’t show up in the slider.

    Besides that it worked before and I don’t really want to manually add a featured image for every other post.

    Does someone have any suggestions why this is and what to do about it?

    homepage with slider:

    category page:





    did you try with some other picture. The one you want is also in other post…



    Hello Luko,

    What I tried so far is:

    same picture, different post – doesn’t work

    different picture, this particular post – does work

    different picture, different post – does work

    Does this mean I can only use a picture ones?

    And if I copy and rename the picture? Could it work then? But that might end up having loads of the same pictures in the media library with different names.



    If you copy and rename it will work, because it will be new picture. Otherwise won’t work. As far as I know off course…



    I did the copying and renaming. It does work so that’s perfect. It’s not ideal but it’s better than having posts without pictures.

    So thanks for the help.

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