Thumbnail images not working on slider




    first and as usual I would like to thank for the work in making this great theme and for free.

    Now to my problem:)

    I have been trying to make my slider works and have already searched over and over many posts to see if someone else had the same problem but unfortunately I couldnt find it.

    As you can see on the site the slider simply do not find the thumbnails for the posts.

    I have manage to partially (as I believe) track the problem when I used the chrome tool to analyze the pages. As I could see for some reason the slider is looking for the thumbnail in a folder that has thumbnails:

    Normaly the media added goes to a folder called uploads on wp-content so in case one day it is necessary to change the theme (hopefully not) there will be no over work.

    Where in the theme can I find the place where it specify where to look for the thumbnails? and why is it looking for a specific thumbnail: ???

    Thank you in advance,


    ps.: the same happens with the background option on the slider.

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