This Graphene Template is driving me crazy

  • Anonymous


    My changes aren’t showing on my site. If you go to my site it doesn’t show the changes I’ve made. The changes only show when a visitor registers. This is the only time they can see everything. Also how do I add a facebook badge, if I’m giving a html code where do I put it on this theme. Could you help me with this.


    Syahir Hakim


    The most usual causes for changes not being reflected are these:

    1. Some sort of content caching is used for the website, so the cached pages are being displayed instead of the updated pages

    2. Editing the wrong files (not the files currently in use)

    3. Not uploading the updated files.

    Judging from your description, it’s most likely content caching. Are you using any caching plugin, like W3 Super Cache?

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