There does not seem to be an action hook for BEFORE the header menu?

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    There does not seem to be an action hook for BEFORE the header menu? I want to add something on top of the menu bar right under the header image. I have tried all of them the only one that comes close is the graphene_header_menu BUT that’s after I am looking for before. Any suggestions ? Thank You


    Syahir Hakim


    You can use the graphene_header action hook, and then use CSS to properly position it like you want.


    Kenneth John Odle


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    You’re right; there isn’t one. But you can, with a bit of finagling, using the graphene_header action hook to achieve the same thing.

    First, activate the graphene_header action hook in header_php.

    Next, drag a text widget to that action hook widget area and add whatever text you want.

    Now, go to custom CSS and add this code:

    #graphene-dynamic-widget-graphene_header {
    height: 60px;
    width: 100%;
    background: #fff;
    position: absolute;
    bottom: 0px;

    In this case, I’m making that widget area 60px tall. You can change this if necessary.

    Now, go up to “Header Display Options” and find the box labeled “Header image height”. Add 60 px to whatever is already there (the default value is 198px, so 60 + 198 = 258) and enter that number in the box. This increases your header height by the size of the widget area.

    This should work. You will probably also need to the adjust the position of your site title and site description by adding this to custom CSS:

    #header .header_title {bottom: 50%;}
    .header_desc {top: 50%;}

    Again, you may have to play with the bottom and top values depending on the size of your widget area and of your header image.

    Feel free to add this as a feature request.



    wow it worked perfectly thank you !

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