Theme (widget) text content displaying in sidebar.

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    Hello all!

    My site, has text displaying in the sidebar that is native to the theme itself and not part of a widget.

    The text is:

    “The first sidebar widget area (available in two and three column layouts).”

    How can I get rid of this?

    Thanks in advance!




    hi weberdlee,

    In your admin panel, under widgets. Do you have any widgets in the area titled “Sidebar Widget Area”?



    Hi Josh,

    Yes I have several.





    Would you mind listing the names of them here?







    World Clock

    Komoona Ads


    Your Planet Today



    Okay, my concern is these first two “Image” widgets. Try disabling each, one at a time, and see if the box on the main page disappears.

    Also, the categories widget, I don’t see this one being used on your page. I see, from the bottom up, “Planet widget”, “Komoona Ads widget”, “World Clock widget”, and a text widget. I only see four on your page, but you have eight listed.



    That did it, Josh!

    I was laying out other widgets for the sidebar and hadn’t had time to finish yet. I’m guessing if I added each again, completed, and saved it, it would be fine too…and not return to the display error. Is that what caused it…an empty widget?



    Ummm, it’s hard to say without seeing your admin panel.

    But yes, I think it’s a good rule of thumb. I never leave empty widgets in the widget area. Rather, deactivate them and keep them in the “Inactive Widgets” area until you are ready to use them.



    Really odd thing, I use Maxthon and Chrome primarily. Maxthon shows the corrected page. Chrome does not…really odd.

    If you are interested (as a Graphene Junkie) to look, I’ll gladly give you access.

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