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    My site ( does not work in Internet Explorer 8. I’m not sure about other versions. It seems to work fine in Chrome and Firefox. If you go to my Calendar, in Chrome or FF, it loads fine. But in IE8 that, and other, pages only load to the “page title” bar and that’s it.

    My Plugins:

    Ajax Event Calendar


    Business Directory Plugin

    Fast Secure Contact Form

    Google Analytics Dashboard


    Quick Page/Post Redirect

    Wysija Newsletters

    I went through and deactivated all of them, no change in IE. I don’t really know what to do from here. I HAVE to get it working in IE. Unfortunately, I didn’t test before installing plugins, so I have no idea if it ever worked in IE.

    Any thoughts?



    OK, so I was able to test in IE9 and it works. So apparently it’s just IE8 (and maybe earlier?). While not as bad, it would be nice to get it working in all versions.



    Your site works on EI7, EI8, and EI9 to me.



    Wow, really? Even the interior pages, like the Community Calendar? The home page comes up for me in all versions, but not the interior pages. Weird.



    Yep, everything works. Try emptying your cache, hit F5. Update your java / flash, restart browser see if it works.



    Thanks, maybe it is just me. I cleared all the cache and updated. Refreshed. No change.



    Try using a different PC, it might just be settings on your browser.


    Kenneth John Odle


    I don’t know why this was posted twice. I’ve deleted the identical thread.




    I’ve sort of let this drop and focused on other things, but today I was informed by a completely new person email me that they are having problems viewing the site. Specifically, they state that the page loads up to the “navigation bar” and then nothing else. This happens for them for all pages, so they can’t see posts, content, calendar, etc.

    Everything works fine on the three PCs I have at my disposal.

    I’ve asked this user for more information about browser, but I know they’re using IE (not sure on version). I also asked them for a screenshot, but you know how that goes…

    Could I get a couple other people to take a look and let me know if it looks right in their IE version?




    OK, she sent me a couple of shots. Here’s how she sees the home screen (correct):


    And here’s how she sees the “About” page (incorrect):


    As you can see, the About page doesn’t load correctly. I’ve looked at it on IE 8 and 9, Chrome, and FF and it all seems to look right on my end…

    This is not the only user with this issue.

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