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  • roperteam


    I have deactivated all my plugins. I restored from a backup that was taken last weekend and I am still having the problem. Do I need to delete the plugins again?



    You shouldn’t need to delete them… just deactivating them should prevent their interference with anything.

    Hmmmm… I’m going to need to do some checking around… will post back soon.


    Kenneth John Odle


    My understanding is that some plugins make changes to the database, so it may not be enough just to deactivate them or even to delete them. I may be wrong on that, so if someone knows better, please let me know. But it’s one reason I only get plugins from the WP plugin repository.



    Yes. I do know plugins can make changes to the database. But every one I have seen creates it’s own tables. I haven’t seen any plugin which modifies existing database tables (however they certainly may exist).

    This is why I 100% agree with Ken. WordPress admins do a really great job at only approving plugins which are “respectful”. In my research, I have heard stories of many plugins being removed from the WordPress repository because they used “malicious” code.

    So yes, I too only download plugins from the wordpress repository.

    @ Roperteam,

    What is all that text beneath your footer? Could this be interfering?



    That’s what my next question was going to be. I have no idea where all that code is coming from. I have tried to deactivate almost every option and plugin that is available, just to eliminate potential problems. I have no plugins activated now. I, too, have only downloaded plugins from WP. I have been very careful to only select plugins that have good ratings and have been used many times. I have even read up on the author before downloading. I only have about 10 installed.


    Kenneth John Odle


    It’s not there now, so something you deactivated must have been causing it. There has been some discussion of this issue on the WP support forums (, and it usually it, as Josh pointed out, a plugin conflict of some sort. (Usually some sort of social sharing thing.)

    The alternative would be an Apache upgrade by your host, so if you really didn’t do anything, that might be the next step.



    I think all that code may have been because I had checked the box to turn on Google Analytics. I turned off that option and the code is gone. How can I check to see if something was done to my database by one of the plugins?


    Kenneth John Odle


    I use Google analytics and don’t have a problem. So it may be that one of your plugins was conflicting with this, or that you didn’t enter the correct/entire analytics code.

    I’m not sure about checking the database, but there is probably something about it over at the Codex.



    @ roperteam,

    You definitely have something very “buggy” going on. In IE your content area is also floated far left.

    If you would like to give me a temp admin username and pass, I’ll take a look through your admin panel and see what I can find.

    You can use my contact form to send the information:



    Ken, I’m not familiar with three column layouts.

    Will you take a look at this page in firebug and see if it looks right to you.

    The part I am concerned about is the ‘sidebar1’, ‘content’, ‘sidebar2’ layout.

    Is the sidebar2 supposed to be wrapped in a <strong> tag?

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