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    The CSS-Check view 97 errors. If I change the CSS-Styles, there are not correct Styles for widgets and more. Can you check this, please?



    Please Supply Link/URL to Site in Question: Forum Rules





    I think the CSS-Errors are a real bug. I can not understand your notice.



    Sorry, but you must be more accurate.

    Please add link to the site in Question & the tools showing you all these errors.





    this is the link to my testsite:

    (admin, password)

    I have installed for testing a new version of WordPress 3.1.3 and used the validate css.

    You can see this on my testsite, e. g. the widged selection is not very good.



    There will be looked into this 🙂




    Please test it self with a new testversion of wordpress:

    – Install your theme

    – klick to the button “Valid CSS”

    – You can found 97 errors with this validator.

    Hope that help.


    Your theme is fine.



    Graphene Theme is Awesome and works with continuous

    improvements along the way 🙂




    Yes, worked fine, but the CSS-Validator report errors.

    I have now installed your version 1.3 without modification css-style.

    You can see it on my testsite:

    (admin, password)

    Click to Valid CSS-Button and you see the errors:

    Ergebnisse des CSS-Validators (CSS level 2.1)

    Entschuldigung! Es wurden die folgenden Fehler gefunden (97)

    URI :

    82 #container Die Eigenschaft -webkit-box-shadow existiert nicht : 0 0 10px #000 0 0 10px #000

    83 #container Die Eigenschaft box-shadow existiert nicht in CSS level 2.1, aber in : 0 -10px 10px #000 0 -10px 10px #000

    425 Ungültige Nummer : background Zu viele Werte oder die Werte werden nicht erkannt : linear-gradient(left top,#0f2d4d,#2880c3) linear-gradient(left top,#0f2d4d,#2880c3)

    426 Ungültige Nummer : background Zu viele Werte oder die Werte werden nicht erkannt : -moz-linear-gradient(left top,#0f2d4d,#2880c3) -moz-linear-gradient(left top,#0f2d4d,#2880c3)

    and more…


    Syahir Hakim


    This is to be expected. The theme uses a combination of CSS2.1 and CSS3 properties, and the validator checks against just one version of CSS (probably CSS2.1). Therefore, any CSS3 properties in the file will be marked as errors.

    You don’t have to worry about them though.

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