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    In the graphene options I have some options where I can change the columns width, but how can I change the width and position only for the post text container.

    For example, I want to take the whole container of the theme to the max width of 1400 px and then play with the width and the position of the text post container, because then is to close to the screen edge.

    The second solution that I think, is to cancel the shadow between the graphene theme and the background, witch I will change it to the same color of the theme. I want to not have the classic impression that the blog is laying on a background.

    In the previous graphene versions I had this option but I can not find it now.



    Kenneth John Odle

    I want to take the whole container of the theme to the max width of 1400 px

    Keep in mind that anyone who has a monitor less wide than this will have to scroll left and right to read your blog.

    Also, extremely wide text can be difficult to read.



    I see… then how do I cancel the shadow effect between the theme and the background so when I make them both white, the effect of a page scrolling to a background dissapears. If I can do this I can keep the size of the container to a decent size. It is true that can cause problems to some monitors.





    Is there a way to doo this?


    Kenneth John Odle


    You can answer many of these questions yourself by using the Firebug extension for Firefox. It allows you to find things you like on other people’s websites and see how they do it, so you can redo it yourself.

    I did it this way on my blog:

    #container {box-shadow: none;}



    That is interesting, I will see this plugin.


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