Theme lay-out is messed up somehow.

  • Fabian



    I very much enjoy this theme, it has all that I need.

    I’m still relatively new to wordpress, however i keep on learning 😀

    My site ( ) was working fine until all of a sudden something happend with the layout.

    The top menu changed, it is now hardly readable.

    The left hand column items have a wider content area then the little header with its title.

    Some other visual changes.

    Anyone who had a similar problem and can help me?

    Tried so far:

    Reset the theme options.

    Reïnstall the theme. (worth noting I coudn’t find where the options are saved in my database thus those remained.)

    I was trying to set up a child theme, I have no idea if this has caused any off this. I deleted the child-theme folder so it shouldn’t anymore.

    Thanks in advance.


    EDIT: I’m afraid I posted this in the wrong section, if anyone would be so kind to move it.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Moved to Support.



    It’s hard to tell. I don’t know how it looks before 🙂

    How did you make all the customization? If you edited the main theme files all those is lost during upgrade or re installation of theme.

    Are you able to adjust colors through theme options?



    Yes i’m able to adjust colors through theme options.

    The fact that all customisations should be gone when upgrading/reinstalling the theme was my reasoning as well, but so far didn’t do anything.

    I didn’t change the style.css with this theme. I did make some changes in the header.php and archive.php but those are gone since in rïnstalled the theme…



    Just to mention that all customization that you do through theme options will stay after update.



    I did reset my theme options at one point. (Because I thought that might solve it)

    But to no avail so far…


    Kenneth John Odle


    Your menu looks fine except for the hover. Try going through custom css and removing anything to do with the :hover pseudoclass.

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