– Reviewing slightly older video games

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    I’ve been using the graphene theme for various personal projects since 2012. The most powerful theme going and actually makes WordPress useful and functional.

    My website that I only get a chance to update every so often –

    Has about 10 plugins running in background, very small css additions, only a small colour palette change (I could never touch that background image, always loved its style). The site is at the point of which I’m happy with and probably wont be making any future changes to, will just be posting articles in my free time over the next few years.

    Thank you so much for the theme, it’s been fun to work with and when I do ever make any money off the adsense, I’ll be sure to send a donation your way.



    Syahir Hakim


    Hi Sam,

    Nice to see a site using vanilla Graphene, with the default background too! Sometimes less is truly more.

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