The titles of my posts don't appear in the html source, using custom "#post-title" do

  • DannyD71


    The titles of my posts on don’t appear anymore in the browsers titlebar.

    I’ve already checked the html source, it isn’t there.

    Example post :

    <title>» Fotoclub ObjektiV</title>

    I’ve already tried using the custom “#post-title” , it doesn’t change.



    OK, so apparently there’s a conflict with the plugin bbPress 2.4

    When it’s deactivated i get my titles of my posts, but activated they disappear.

    Never noticed this before, only since a few months.

    What do you guys think ? To be solved in bbPress in Graphene ?


    Kenneth John Odle


    Try switching to another theme. If problem persists, it’s bbPress; if it goes away, it’s Graphene.

    Moved to Support. Please post in the correct section next time.



    Ok, just tested with Twenty Thirteen, same problem. Guess it’s bbPress then. (back to the batcave)

    update: there’s an update underway for bbPress that will fix this,

    Thanks for the support and sorry about posting in the wrong section.

    (didn’t realize there are different sections, i just clicked “Add” straight from the “Latest discussions” page)

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