The new update changed a lot of the look….

  • Purasuko


    Hi there. I just updated a site to the most recent version of Graphene, and I am having a couple of issues:

    -First, the header image is really distorted. I played with it for a while, but no luck. Originally, the image size was 198px…but now, I had to increase it to 300px to get my image to fit. My image is only 192px in height to begin with (845 x 192 all together), and when I went to try and re-add the image, I keep having to crop it and it makes no sense that I should. Any thoughts?

    -Overall, everything on the page seems “blown Up” in scale. What can I do to get the overall sizing of the site fixed? I mean the menu as well…

    Everything else seems pretty good. Just need to fix these sizing issues… Thanks in advance!!




    I fixed my menu issue, but have one other issue; I have added the code I have seen on many other threads to remove the titles in the content of pages in the Additional CSS area, but no luck. Here is the site btw:

    Let me know. Thanks!



    Syahir Hakim


    You can change those elements in the theme’s options at WP Admin > Appearance > Customize.

    Header image height:
    Graphene: General > Header.

    Graphene: Display > Columns Width

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